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Powerbook/iPod Update

Yesterday, we returned the 12” Powerbook and 20GB iPod and got a 15” Powerbook and 15Gb iPod. At this point, I have only opened the Powerbook and let me say that it is slick. Apple makes some good computers (they should for the price). Last night I spent most of the time trying to get it setup (downloading and installing programs).

I did run into some wireless network issues. The Powerbook comes with 802.11g which is supposed to be compatible with 802.11b which is what I have. At first, it didn’t work at all, but then it worked for a while last night. Then it stopped again. I made some changes to my wireless access point (switched channels because I thought I might be competing with one of the neighbors). I ended up plugging it into the network to do a couple of things before I went to bed. This morning, it recognized the wireless network without a problem. I am interested in seeing if the problem continues.