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Sent Powerbook Away

Well, we had to send the powerbook away. We have had a problem with the latch not working properly when closing the lid. Last night we took it out to the Apple Store to have them look at it and the latch defect is one of the few things they don’t do at the store, so it had to be shipped back to Apple to be fixed. Evidently, this latch defect happens fairly frequently in the 15” model.

It normally takes them 3-5 business days to get it fixed and returned. They send it next day air to Apple and then next day air it back to whereever you want (to our house in our case).

I think Suzanne was more upset than I was. She can’t believe I just let them take it back. They are going to start doing the latch repair at the store here, but they didn’t say when. Suzanne thought I should have checked to see when they would start doing it here and see if we could wait. I just wanted it fixed. Anyway, my point being that Suzanne really likes the Mac and uses it quite often.