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Thanksgiving 2003 Recap

I know it has been almost a week since Thanksgiving, but I have been busy. We had a great visit with my Mom, Dad, Brother and his wife. It was fun to have everyone at our house. It was one of the few times since we have lived in our house that we had a full house.

Matthew and Anna (brother and wife) stayed from Wednesday to Saturday and my Mom and Dad were here from Wednesday until Monday. It seemed to go by very fast.

We had a good meal on Thursday and just hung out with one another. We played Star Wars Monopoly, but I don’t think everyone else was as into it as I was.

Friday we got a tree and put it up several times. We had problems with the tree falling over several times. Finally, we cut the base of the trunk flat and didn’t put so much water in the base. Between those two things, it seemed to work. Friday night we played Taboo. It was an interesting game and much more difficult than you would think. I think everyone else liked this game, but I preferred Star Wars Monopoly.

Saturday the girls went shopping. They were able to find clothes for everyone to wear in the family pictures we are taking over Christmas. This was a very daunting task and they were pleased with the results. Reia stayed at home and hung out with the guys. This made it easier on the girls since they had to travel to several different stores.

The rest of Saturday we put up a few lights outside and took Matt and Anna to the airport.

Sunday was just a day to hang out and put a few more lights up outside. Mom and Suzanne made sugar cookies while Dad and I put the lights up.

The next morning we hung out at the house until we had to take Grandma and Grandpa to the airport.