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Going to NBA

I know I haven’t commented much in the sports section of my blog (especially surprising since the team I pull for won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament), but I had to comment on this. Today, May, Felton and Williams announced they were going to the NBA. McCants had announced earlier that he was going. That’s 4 underclassmen from one team going at the same time. I don’t blame them, they went out on top.

I was more impressed with how Roy Williams handled the press conference. It is obvious that a major factor in Coach Williams’ success is his personality. He forms strong relationships with his players and puts the right things forward at the right time. Today, it was all about doing what is best for the players. During the season, it was all about “the program”. Same principles as a very successful program that I had the privilege of being involved with for a number of years.

Hopefully, I will follow up with more comments in this section since future teams will be players that Roy recruited to UNC.