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Tiger Thoughts

After running the latest release of Mac OS X (Tiger - 10.4) for about a week, I thought I would comment on Tiger. I decided to do an erase and install on my Powerbook at home. The install was straight forward and no surprises there.

The first few times using Spotlight, I thought it was pretty cool. I thought it would be much more useful when I got my documents back on my machine. My initial thought was the Spotlight would replace Quicksilver. After using Spotlight, I realized it did not “learn” what items I select and move them to the top of the list. I will be sticking with Quicksilver for a while longer.

Tiger also seemed a little sluggish running on my Powerbook with the default 512MB of memory. From the sound of things, it was reading the hard drive often. Later in the week, it seemed to stabilize so maybe it was indexing my email or files I had just transferred back to it.

I am enjoying the improvements to Mail the most. It now has saved searches and it works across multiple IMAP accounts. The search interface in Mail is also much improved. I am not sure if I like the toolbar icons or not, but the functionality is better.

Other Random Features: Safari RSS is nice, but the only real option it has over Sage in Firefox is the Search option. Dashboard comes in handy. The weather is the widget I refer to most of the time. The built in dictionary is nice and there is even a Keyboard shortcut for it.

Overall, Tiger is an improvement, but I just don’t think the improvements are as beneficial as Expose was in Panther. Just my initial thoughts…