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Today was all about teamwork. Today was our day long “working” retreat. It started a little rough, but eventually, we came up with some good conclusions. These conclusions were all the result of some great unselfish teamwork. Now, did it take a little longer than I would have liked…maybe, but it was still good. I heard this quote this past weekend at the NFJS conference (I will probably blog more about the conference when I get a chance): “aim for success, not for perfection”. In one way or another, I think that is what we are starting to realize.

My second example of teamwork was tonight in the basketball league I play in. There were only 4 of us there tonight, but we were still able to win. This demonstrated teamwork as well - maybe some of the best we have had all season. OK, I admit, we did get some breaks, but we still played well.

Today was all about teamwork.