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Scrapbooking Convention in Charlotte

This Friday and Saturday I attended the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Convention in Charlotte with my friends Eileen and Heidi. During the convention I took several classes. My favorite class was a card design class sponsored by Die Cuts with a View. During the class we made four cards and were given supplies to make six more. The cards were relatively simple in design and in the materials used but the final product was very impressive. I can't wait to try out the new techniques that I learned. I also took a class on finding inspiration, one that explained how to use several tools and embellishments that I haven't worked with before and one on organization. The organization class was very interesting. The good part was that I learned a new way of organizing my scrapbooking stuff that should make it easier to find things. The downside is that the system they recommended is fairly expensive. They showed the Scraprack which runs about $200 for the entire system. You can get a smaller set for around $100 but over time it requires adding additional pieces.

Downtown Charlotte is really nice. We stayed at the Westin Hotel right across the street from the Convention Center. The convention is across from the public library and a very nice area with a green and a water play area for kids. There are also a few restaurants there. We did find that most restaurants close early in the evening and on weekends. We ended up eating breakfast in the hotel lobby because there weren't any other places open.

All in all I had a really good time and learned a lot of new things. I bought a few things at the vendor fair that I haven't seen anywhere else. I also made a list of new things that I need to pick up! :)