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Visit to Nashville

While I was in Nashville last week, I had a chance to visit with Scott Collins (a friend from college). I have to admit I haven’t stayed in touch well, but we were able to meet up for an early dinner (I didn’t do a good job planning my visit so I was pumped to be able to meet up with them at all). Scott and his wife Kim gave me a tour of Nashville. Nashville is a very unique city especially when you get away from the tourist sections (like the Gaylord Opryland Hotel where the conference was).

Scott and Kim are in a couple of bands. Scott and Kim are part of Pale Blue Dot (which also includes Justin - Scott’s brother) and Kim has her band Kim’s Fable. They have done some traveling with each band, but it sounded like they have traveled as Pale Blue Dot the most.

I had a great time visiting with Scott and Kim. I was reminded that there is life outside of suburban USA. I realized that I get caught up in the latest tech gadgets or house improvement options and some of the most interesting art is created elsewhere. Another piece of the puzzle was how technology and art crossed paths. Even with Scott and Kim, technology has become a significant part of their lives (email, purchasing their music, etc). Kim is quite creative when it comes to Photoshop even though she hasn’t had any official training.

After 6 years, it was great to catch up with an old friend.