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Few Random Thoughts

Apple Intel

I played with a few of the new Apple Intel base systems last week. Wow, definitely faster. Of course they will have issues, but I am sure Apple will get them worked out. Needless to say, I think Intel was a good move.

Prototype Tutorial

Good write up explaining the many features packed into the little Javascript library called Prototype.

Tech Books

This is an interesting approach to writing tech books. We have purchased several electronic copies of technology books at work recently. Of course, a hard copy is also nice to have.

New Camera

We recently purchased a Canon SD600. The Canon ELPH series usually has good reviews (although I didn’t find many reviews for the SD600). This one had a couple of new features (compared to the SD450) which include Widescreen mode (16:9) and ISO 800 for shooting indoors with no flash (as I understand it). I am sure you will see pictures from it in the future.