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New Blog and New Look

I have updated the look of the blog as well as the underlying blog software. I have also switched from http://outten.net/weblog to http://blog.outten.net. I had been using a customized version of Typo.

The new blog is running my own combination of Sinatra and CouchDB. I have been using Ruby for a few years now (after starting with Rails). I was curious to see what some of the other Ruby frameworks had to offer. I have tried Camping, Ramaze and Merb. All had some really strong points and I started rewriting my blog in each of these, but did not finish with any of them.

When I first looked at Sinatra, I didn’t have a great first impression. I went away and looked at some of the other frameworks mentioned. After dabbling in each, I ran across Sinatra again and really dug it. About the same time I had become interested in CouchDB and really wanted to give it a try. That’s when I started playing with a Sinatra and CouchDB combination. They seem to be a nice fit even though I could have written the entire blog in Javascript.

I am planning to release the code in the future in case someone else would like to use it.


  • multiple blogs hosted by the single instance
    • each blog uses its own CouchDB database
  • plug-in for protecting a blog by requiring users to identify themselves
  • admin application separated into a different Rack module